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Your Go-To Tech Problem Solvers

Others call us: Nestech. Or: the techXperts who get us.

That’s up to you.

  • We listen and learn before we propose solutions.
  • Our commitment to client care is genuine.
  • We consistently deliver good results.

We’re told that’s what truly sets us apart. And honestly? That humbles our tech-loving hearts.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Director & Senior Technologist

Aaron Kirby

Aaron, the visionary behind Nestech, has 30 years of experience across top firms, leading a team dedicated to innovative tech solutions that empower clients.

Meet the visionary behind Nestech. With over 30 years of industry experience, Aaron’s journey has taken him through renowned organisations like Air New Zealand, Fonterra, Westpac, and Auckland Museum. But what sets him apart? Is his knack for transforming intricate issues into smart solutions.

Aaron’s the unicorn of the tech industry, bringing a unique blend of technical expertise and creativity to the table. Nestech isn’t just about implementing new technology – Aaron’s built a diverse and savvy team around him who are committed to empowering your team to embrace and support it.

Lead Data Engineer

Arun Thangarasu

Arun is a data engineering expert focused on delivering advanced and client-oriented data solutions, underpinned by a commitment to continuous learning.

With a laser focus on client needs and a genuine drive for data and business intelligence, Arun brings over a decade of expertise to the tech table. Throughout his career, he’s successfully implemented, maintained, and supported data platforms and pipelines, always going the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

Arun’s skill set is vast and impressive, spanning cloud services, big data frameworks, data warehousing, BI systems, and beyond. But what truly sets him apart? Is his commitment to continuous learning and collaborative teamwork. At Nestech, Arun’s dedication to staying ahead of the tech curve and his ability to foster strong relationships make him an invaluable part of our team. With Arun leading the way, your data dreams are in capable hands.

Customer Relationship Manager

Tracey Jordan

As the main client liaison, Tracey excels in nurturing client relationships, ensuring optimal service and successful business outcomes with a personalized touch.

As your primary point of contact, Tracey goes above and beyond to nurture and maintain relationships with our valued clients. From understanding your needs and objectives to facilitating sales, providing support, and ensuring seamless delivery, Tracey is committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for you and your business.

Drawing from her diverse experience across various customer relations and management roles, Tracey brings a fresh perspective to our team and plays a key role in driving success at Nestech. With Tracey by your side, you can trust every interaction is geared towards helping you achieve your business goals.

General Manager

Lisa Kirby

Lisa steers Nestech's customer-centric strategy, leveraging her extensive management experience to drive positive business outcomes and strategic growth.

Lisa’s the driving force behind Nestech’s customer-centric approach. With extensive experience in senior management and customer engagement, Lisa’s expertise spans marketing, product development, project management, and recruitment. But her passion goes beyond business – she’s a big-picture thinker with a heart for people.

At Nestech, Lisa’s mission is clear: to create positive outcomes for everyone involved. Drawing from her recent work in the museum sector, she understands the value of diversity of thought and the necessity of different perspectives. With Lisa on board, you can trust that your business goals are in capable hands, and that every step taken is geared towards achieving success – for you and your team, both today and into the future.

Change & Project Manager

Bruce Swain

With 15 years in change management, Bruce expertly guides teams through transformation, promoting a culture that embraces and leverages change.

With over 15 years of experience in change management and HR disciplines, Bruce brings a wealth of real-life expertise to the table. His journey in spearheading technical, business, and organisational change programs spans across New Zealand and around the globe.

At Nestech, Bruce’s approach to change management is all about fostering a culture where change is embraced, not feared. With his guidance and expertise, navigating change becomes not just manageable, but empowering for everyone involved.

Business Development Manager

Jason Hirst

Jason leads Nestech’s strategic growth with a keen eye for opportunities, fostering innovative solutions and sustainable business development.

Jason brings a dynamic blend of strategic insight and innovative thinking to Nestech. With a keen eye for untapped opportunities and a wealth of experience in the IT landscape, both locally and abroad, Jason plays a pivotal role in steering Nestech towards new horizons of growth and innovation.

Supported by a team of professionals who share his drive for excellence, Jason is committed to sculpting a future where technology and strategic business development come together to create sustainable, impactful growth.

Senior Business Analyst

Mala Hariharan

Mala utilizes her 17 years of experience to decode technical challenges into actionable business strategies, focusing on innovation and precise analysis.

Renowned for her ability to bridge the gap between technical intricacies and business objectives, Mala has an impressive 17 years of experience in the District Health Board, Finance, and Insurance industries.

Mala’s passion for innovation, exceptional communication skills and detail-oriented approach set her apart. She analyses complex technical problems, using skills such as data analytics, SQL, and stakeholder engagement to translate them into practical business solutions. At Nestech, Mala’s dedication ensures she delivers results and drives success for every business she works alongside.

Let’s talk tech & get your business working smarter, not harder